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Calibration/Validation Services

In Astech Cleanroom Solutions we pride ourselves in providing our customers with unrivalled post-sales services. Whether in the form of product training, installation, commissioning, IQOQ/validation or tailored service contracts, our service philosophy is guided by excellence in quality, responsiveness, dependability and flexibility. Our engineers are highly trained both in-house and by our principals and have, at a minimum, third level educational qualifications. This training is on-going and updated regularly to ensure our service team keeps abreast of product and service developments. 

Calibration/Validation Services – whether within the framework of a service contract or as a stand-alone offering, our calibrations are carried out in strict adherence to respective SOP’s and with full traceability. We offer both workshop and on-site calibration services all of our cleanroom monitoring instrumentation and sensors including:

• Airborne Particle counters – NIST traceable calibration to ISO 21501-4 standard.

• Viable Air Samplers – NIST traceable calibration.

• Liquid Particle counters – NIST traceable calibration to USP 788 standard.

• Temperature & Relative Humidity sensors– single or multi-point, NIST traceable calibration.

• Differential Pressure sensors – single or multi-point, NIST traceable calibration.

All of our current service offerings are covered within the scope of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation.
For more information please email or call 0404 25070.