ApexRemote Particle Counters

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Best in Class

Data Integrity, Data Availability, Environmental Compatibility

If the integrity of your data is mission critical as it is in GMP regulated industries, if risk mitigation of data errors and sensor failures matters to you, if you need to wipe down your sensors frequently or you use VHP for room sterilization, the ApexR will delight you and become the solid foundation you need in a solid Environmental Monitoring Program.

Product Details

Delivering the utmost data integrity, risk mitigation and environmental compatibility, the ApexR Remote Particle Counter Series is unmatched in the industry. Designed with enhanced self-diagnostics for risk mitigation, the ApexR provides you with the utmost confidence in your data. With its minimum detection of 0.2 μm and a long life laser diode sensor, the ApexR provides unmatched performance, accuracy and reliability. The sloped front face and optional sealed connection provides you with compatibility for decontamination processes including VHP. The ApexR stands alone in the industry and is truly best in class.

The Apex Remote is also availble with built-in pump with either 0.1 CFM or 1.0 CFM airflow rates, negating the need for a central vacuum system. The self contained vacuum pump includes HEPA filtered exhaust and will not contaminate the surrounding environment. 

Key Features:

  • 0.2 – 10 μm Particle Size Range
  • 0.1 or 1.0 CFM Flow Rate
  • 3,000 Records Data Storage
  • Self-Diagnostics
  • Web Browser
  • Smart Bracket
  • Validation Mode
  • Built in Alarm Light