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TSI AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counter Model 9110 offers an accurate measurement of particles down to 0.100 μm!

This is made possible utilising a patented HeNe laser technology that is low maintenance with an enhanced signal to noise ratio. TSI Aerotrak 9110 is ideal for performing ISO-14644-1 classifications for Class 1 and Class 2 cleanrooms. This instrument is designed for cleanroom monitoring, process tool monitoring, and filter test applications.

Product Details

Features and Benefits

•    Accurately measures particles at 0.100 μm
•    0.100 to 10.0 μm size range
•    Up to eight channels of simultaneous data
•    1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow rate
•    Complies with all requirements of ISO 21501-4
•    Best choice for testing Class 1 and 2 Cleanrooms
•    Onboard reports for ISO-14644-1, EU GMP Annex 1, and FS209E
•    External certification reports via TrakPro™ Lite Secure
•    Utilises enhanced HeNe laser
•    Highly repeatable and reliable measurements/data
•    Data storage: 250 zones, 999 locations, and 10,000 samples
•    USB, USB storage device, ethernet data transfer and pulse outputs
•    Industry’s loudest audible alarm
•    Allows storage and recall of specific Recipes and Zone configurations
•    Displays up to three environmental parameters
•    Stainless steel enclosure
•    Seamless integration with M32-01 manifold



•    Particle contamination monitoring
•    Installed filter leak testing
•    Cleanroom certification