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Room pressure monitors and controls help keep patients and staff safe. TSI’s quality products use proven technology and engineering for the best possible health, safety, and compliance outcomes. Hospitals around the world choose TSI room pressure products for these features and benefits:

Most accurate measurements of room pressure differential in the industry, using industry-leading through-the-wall (TTW) sensor technology
Extremely stable performance with virtually no need to recalibrate sensors
Simple, intuitive displays easily understood by staff
Native BACnet allows seamless communication with Building Automation System (BAS)


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Product Details

These products continuously measure room pressure, verifying proper airflow and pressure direction for both Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms and Protective Environment (PE) Rooms. PresSura Products help hospitals ensure safety for patients and staff.

A local monitor provides easy visual indication of room status. If pressure is lost, the Model RPM10 activates audible and visual alarms, alerting staff to the alarm condition. The RPM10 features adjustable alarm delays to avoid nuisance alarms. When the room is unoccupied, the RPM10 can be changed to no isolation mode, deactivating all alarms.



Airborne Infection Isolation (AII) Rooms – Negative Pressure
Protective Environment (PE) Rooms – Positive Pressure
Compounding Pharmacies
Pandemic Preparedness Rooms
Intensive Care Units
Laboratories and Vivariums
Burn Units
Laundry Areas, Food Prep, Construction

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