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The FMS software has been designed and developed according to GAMP guidelines. FMS software is assigned as ISPE GAMP 5 – Category 4 – Configurable.
Our provision and implementation of a monitoring system supports ISPE GAMP 5 compliance.


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Product Details

TSI’s FMS system is an advanced, reliable and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly distributed architecture and is compatible with OPC UA client/server solutions. High availability databases and hot standby system failover functionality assures compliance and peace of mind. Standard inputs include airborne particle counters, active air samplers, temperature/humidity, differential pressures, air velocity and digital inputs. FMS provides direct connectivity to TSI monitoring instruments, including:

AeroTrak®+ Remote Particle Counters
AeroTrak® Portable Particle Counters
AeroTrak® Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter
BioTrak® Real-Time Viable Particle Counter

FMS can also accommodate other instrumentation equipped with a linear analogue output.


Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring
Semiconductor and Hard Disk Drive Cleanroom Monitoring
Medical Device
Hospital Pharmacies
In-Vitro Fertilization Facilities
EU Tissue and Cell Directive
Data Centers
Operating Theaters
Compounding Pharmacies

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