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Unlike other high-flow-rate water-based Condensing Particle Counters, the TSI AeroTrak® 9001 Cleanroom CPC does not use turbulent mixing. That minimises particle losses and increases count accuracy. And unlike alcohol or other nonwater based CPCs, it does not introduce chemicals into clean environments.

Extremely low false-count rates provide accurate 10nm measurements at low particle concentrations to confidently monitor mini-environments and process gases, keeping manufactured products safe from nanoparticle contamination.


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Product Details

Particle counting instruments featuring 0.1 μm sensitivity will not detect nanoparticle contamination – you need a CPC (condensation particle counter) with 10-nanometre resolution specifically designed for ultra-clean manufacturing environments such as those found in semiconductor production and wafer fabrication, where real-time nanoparticle detection is critical in air and inert pressurised gas applications.

The TSI AeroTrak® 9001 Cleanroom Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) delivers real-time 10 nm sensitivity. In addition, it is the only water-based, laminar flow, high flow rate instrument on the market. It does not use turbulent mixing and eliminates the risks of alcohol and other non-water-based chemicals in your cleanroom to provide the confidence you need to monitor critical environments to the highest standards. Using patented technology, the TSI AeroTrak 9001 Cleanroom CPC instrument provides 10nm sensitivity at a 0.1 CFM (2.83 L/min) flow rate. With an ultra-low false count rate, minimised particle losses and increased particle count accuracy, it is ideally suited to the low particle concentrations found in ISO Class 1 and Class 2 environments.



Tracking down nano-scale particle contamination sources (10nm < 100nm)
Semiconductor manufacturing
Wafer fab applications
Process improvement
Monitoring clean areas
Looking for filter leaks
Conducting indoor air quality investigations

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